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Puzzle learns how your teams work then helps you custom tailor to connect all your boards in a seamless way.

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You can skip the learning curve because we didn’t

Work with certified builders

Build it right.

Get 1000+ hours of build expertise working by your side. Let's make this migration the last project management migration you ever have to do.

Connect it together.

Working in siloes? Not with us — you'll get your workflows across departments connected including automations and integrations across all your tools.

Drive adoption.

Get your entire team using to its fullest capabilities — a great system design does nothing unless your staff is trained, informed and clear on how to work together using the tool.

Trusted by companies just like you and back by results

You'll be just as happy as they are...

"These guys solved 105% of the issues we had... including the ones we didn't even know that we had!

Puzzle took time to understand our current processes... and organized it visually so that our team member can see it.

It would've taken me 10x as long to build what they built for us."

Darren Shanahan

Principal, Avail Dental Advisory

"Our go-to project manager is on spring break this week with her kids for the first time in years.

I am running things with a freelance producer filling in.

The operating system you built for us is our dream come true. I just wanted you both to know how it has changed our lives for the better."

Darcie Adler

Owner, The Spin Style Agency

"Exceptional knowledge of and how to solve my ask by developing a path to use

I used to fumble through projects status updates. Now we’re proactive because we can see it.

There is a level of accountability that’s never been seen before."

Matt Brush

VP, Dental Care Alliance

"Our sales automations are working great.

Now that a lead can go through the entire sales process with almost no manual work, we’ve increased the volume of leads we’re able to handle with the same headcount."

Rob Sigal

President, Payflo

"Puzzle helped streamline our organizational services and were eager to help with any questions or suggestions for what works best for our team in

It was a very collaborative and personalized approach, and we all felt heard."

Claire Minoui

Graphic Artists, Vu Studio

“Puzzle is the Mozart of process improvement!

They have worked with 6 of our 9 teams... and I look forward to fully implementing with the rest of the teams.

This tool is going to turbocharge our change initiatives.”

Troy Medley

CEO, Lambda Chi Alpha

Work with a trusted guide to make a success

Avoid the common mistakes

After 100s of conversations with companies walking us through their instance, these are the top 5 mistakes that we see in no particular order...

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Creating a new board for anything and everything

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Building boards and naming them after people

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Misusing and underutilized connected columns

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Structuring boards with poor data architecture

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Letting every team build their boards in siloes

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Choosing not to invest into proper training

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Build with minimal number of boards

green check mark

Build boards around processes, not specific people

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Creating an interconnected system across workflows

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Set your data structure to create unparalleled visibility

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Consider the entire system in how is built

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Get experts to train your staff

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Your first workshop is on us.

Book a free 60-min
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Ready to get started? You’ll be speaking with a Solution Architect who has taken over 200 hours of formal training, and years of experience building systems for organization.
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Implement the right way

With a proven process

Our service is a highly tailored approach to optimization. We get to know your business from high-level strategy down to every click and email that is sent to customers.


Meet with Experts

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Step 1

Walk us through your process step-by-step today

Current state mapping

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Step 2

Get best-in-class recommendations on using

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Step 3

Watch us customize your boards and automate your tasks

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Step 4

Get tailored recorded group trainings and micro walkthroughs

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Operate like a well oiled machine

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Connected workflows across teams

Work the way you've always wanted to.

Whether you're new to or seeking to enhance your existing setup, we're here to ensure optimal configuration and maximum ROI. Our team supports every step of your journey. organization image team collaboration

Unlock efficiency across your business

Get everyone on
the same page.

You'll harness the power of to enhance team cohesion and alignment. Our expertise with the platform ensures that your team remains synchronized, focused on shared goals, and communicating effectively, driving collective success.

Monitor performance with powerful reporting

See stunning results in real time.

Open up new horizons of transparency and insight for your business. Our approach unlocks detailed analytics and oversight, giving you a level of understanding and control that transforms how you manage projects and make decisions. dashboard image

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common queries about Puzzle's services with This section is designed to offer information to help you understand how we can support your goals and streamline your workflows.

We offer 3 types services to help you utilize better...

1) Workshops — a small engagement if you need a 1-5 staff training sessions. We have pre-built training agendas ready to get your team using the system to the fullest capabilities.

2) Project Work - a larger engagement if you want our experts to evaluate your systems, recommend best-practices, and implement those best-practices into your account. A typical project takes 10-weeks to deliver.

3) Ongoing Support - an ongoing engagement if you would like to always have our white-glove support team at your fingertips: we'll answer questions, create Loom training videos by request, and even jump into your systems to tweak things when you need it.

The most important way our service differentiates from others is that our team learns your specific business operations first.

During Current State we discuss with each project contact how your business runs today. This is crucial for us to understand the peculiarities of your business. It makes the rest of the project feel like we’ve been part of your organization for months prior.

We also document your current state process in a flowchart for reference later in the project. 

Another important way Puzzle differentiates from other partners is that Puzzle is certified in Hubspot, Zapier, and PandaDoc — integrations and cross-app automations is our specialty.

This means that we don’t just streamline; we’ll integrate the rest of your tools as well to ensure the data is flowing across teams.

Projects are priced using 3 criteria:

# Project Contacts — the number of people we'll be meeting with
# Teams — the number of teams we'll be working with
# Processes — the number of business processes we'll be streamlining

Based on those 3 criteria, our team will generate a quote for you.

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Still have a question?

Book a free 60-min
workshop with a expert

If you still have questions about our services, book a workshop with us and our team is happy to answer them. Or you can always send us an email with your questions before booking a meeting at