HubSpot Integration

Visualize how your HubSpot CRM works with nearly no effort

Automatically create synced visual documentation for your HubSpot CRM in minutes, so your team gets a clear picture of how your forms, workflows, and sequences work across the system.

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Stop spending hours flowcharting from scratch

Create beautiful synced flowcharts in just a few clicks

Automatically generate beautiful and easy-to-understand flowcharts directly from your HubSpot instance. No need for lengthy documentation or manual updates. Just a few clicks, and you’ll have a clear visualization of your CRM setup. organization image team collaboration

Say goodbye to out-dated documentation

Never lose sight of system changes & updates again

Forget manual updates! Puzzle syncs with HubSpot to automatically reflect workflow and form additions that exist in HubSpot, but haven't been mapped yet, ensuring your documentation remains accurate.

Shed the fear of making changes

Feel confident to improve your HubSpot system

With Puzzle, you gain complete confidence in your HubSpot setup. You can easily identify areas for improvement, optimize workflows, and unlock the full potential of your CRM dashboard image

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common queries about Puzzle's HubSpot Integration. This section offers information to help you understand how Puzzle integrates with HubSpot and shares data across systems.

The Puzzle integration with HubSpot will pull your Contact Workflows and all HubSpot Forms and automatically create each Workflow and Form as a step within the Puzzle workflow canvas.

Within a step synced with a Form, you'll see the HubSpot fields within the form as well as up to 50 past form submissions.

Within a step synced with a Contact Workflow, you'll see a deep link to the HubSpot workflow, as well as high-level enrollment data, including whether the workflow is enabled or not.

In upcoming versions, we'll display Workflow errors, and we'll be adding Company, Deal, and Ticket workflows as soon as HubSpot's new Workflows API is available in mid-2024.

The integration takes less than 1 minute to setup, and you'll have every step pre-built to start creating your flowchart.

Visit our blog post on setting up HubSpot integration below:

No — our integration will create one step to represent the entire Workflow. If you need to access the underlying actions within the Workflow, you'll use the deep-link within the step's sidebar that brings you directly into HubSpot.

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Unlock the full potential of your HubSpot CRM

Puzzle helps companies using Hubspot visualize their system because, we believe system visibility is key to maximizing your HubSpot ROI. See your system’s true potential with clear, visual documentation.