Professional services for growing companies to

Build a highly scalable business operation

Puzzle learns your business operations, customizes your tools and trains your teams to maximize their productivity.

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Trusted by operators to bulletproof their business operations

Get ready to scale

"Puzzle rocked my world. I took time and plotted out our process for hiring and onboarding. It's so helpful realizing the root cause is our systems.

I can't automate something if I don't know the steps. I jumped ten levels in efficiency!"

Andy Schelb

Studio Director at Vu Studio

"Puzzle is where it's at! Our agency has saved HOURS of time with the complex integrations and solutions Puzzle built for us.

They are collaborative, kind, and really easy to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Anne Schneider

Director, Big Spaceship

"Best. Decision. Ever. They went above and beyond.

Professional, reliable, smart, innovative, creative and patient. We would hire the entire Puzzle team as full-time staff if we could."

Claudia Ransom

Senior Manager, Client Experience

"Puzzle is a phenomenal resource for any team trying to build or scale an operations culture within a business.

The true power of Puzzle is being more than an extra set of hands; they future proof solution to ensure your teams are setup for success long term."

Dean Brookestone

Growth Program Manager

We’re on top of our work like we’ve never been before.

I used to fumble through projects status updates. Now we’re proactive because we can see it. There is a level of accountability that’s never been seen before.”

Matt Brush

VP, Affiliations

"Puzzle is the Mozart of process improvement!

I look forward to fully implementing these tools across every team. This is going to turbocharge our change initiatives."

Troy Medley

CEO, Lambda Chi Alpha

"Puzzle mapped out our entire operation processes and built a tool that cut down 6 hours of work to 15-mins! It was remarkable!"

Jamila Zomah

Founder & CEO of African Dishout

"Puzzle's process mapping gave us deep insight into the interdependencies of our workflows, but what set Puzzle apart is their commitment to learn and build for every peculiarity of our business!"

Jim Hustead

COO, Field Day

Backed by results you care about most

Improve your processes

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Steps in the sales process

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100+ hrs / month


From manual data entry

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Time to onboard clients

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Time to run billing process



Quarterly revenue

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Into one streamlined view

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238 steps


Across 27 processes

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150emails / month


For project status updates

Remove the chaos from your business operations

Say good bye to...

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Digging through piles of work to find insights you need

Constantly putting out fires across your organization

Blindly making decisions based on limited information

Using never ending email threads to make decisions

Working in siloes never knowing what is changing

Wasting hours of your day doing tedious manual work

There's a better way to build your organization

We can help you

Completely transform your operations from scrappy startup to a well-oiled machine so you produce consistent and reliable results for your customers every time.


A scrappy startup

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Phase 1

Walk us through your process step-by-step today

Current state mapping

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Phase 2

Get best-in-class recommendations on scalable process

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Phase 3

Watch us customize your tools to increase team efficiency

Current state mapping

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Phase 4

Get tailored recorded group trainings and micro walkthroughs

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Operate like a well oiled machine

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Visualize your business

See into your business clear as day

You need visibility into the interdependencies across business processes. We map out your entire operation so you visualize how teams contribute across workflows. Easily adapt your process with an end-to-end map of your business.

Optimize your operations

Measure your progress along the way

Go from manually copy-paste and export-importing data to a fully integrated tech stack that automates the tedious work. We measure how much time we save you across your processes. Spend your time doing high-value tasks all the time.

Analyze your outcomes

Make great decisions with confidence

Get your systems surfacing up the insights you need to make great decisions. Go from digging through piles of documents to seeing exactly where you need to make adjustments with reports tailored to show you the most important metrics.

Grow your bottom line

Turbocharge your business operations

Leverage a highly adaptable, repeatable system that grows with your business. We clean up the organizational chaos so you get predictable results.

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Make efficiency a priority

No time? No team? No expertise?

No problem, Puzzle does the work.

Keep your teams focused on what's most important and let Puzzle streamline and optimize your organization's processes and technology stack.

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Work smarter as you scale

With a proven process

Our service is a highly tailored approach to optimization. We get to know your business from high-level strategy down to every click and email that is sent to customers.

Phase 1

Current state mapping

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Phase 2

Identify the bottlenecks

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Phase 3

Propose process best practices

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Phase 4

Customize your tech stack

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Phase 5

Train your team members

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Phase 6

Launch new processes

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Our promise from Puzzle's Founder

“Our services help your organization produce reliable outcomes, so your customers always trust you to deliver.”

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Brian Ragone

Founder of Puzzle

Pricing to meet your needs

Start big or small

You pick the processes to optimize and our pricing will match your needs. Think of us as your business operations partner wherever and whenever you need us.

Start small, pause, and pick up again. We have pricing that fits small system fixes to organizational overhauls. Our pricing is calculated based on number of processes, number of contacts on the team, and number of teams. Contact sales to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common queries about Puzzle's services. This section is designed to offer information to help you understand how Puzzle can help your teams build towards a more scalable future.

Yes, we support various business initiatives, use cases, and teams.

In the event that an existing service does not provide the right support, then our Professional Services team will work with you to create a customized solution.

Yes, Puzzle provides a service package to assist customers with data migration, as well as account setup, user training, document migration, and more.

Half of the total invoice amount is due upon receipt, and the other half is due upon delivery of the scope of work outlined above.

ACH transfer is the preferred payment option.

The most important way our service differentiates from others is that our team first learns your business operations.

During Current State, we discuss how your business runs today with each project contact. This is crucial for us to understand the peculiarities of your business. It makes the rest of the project feel like we've been part of your organization for months prior.

We also document your current state process in a flowchart for reference later in the project.

Another important way we differentiate from other partners is that Puzzle works across your technology stack; we've worked in over 100+ applications and specialize in connecting tools using Zapier and Make. We'll integrate the rest of your tools to ensure the data flows across teams.

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Work together with the big picture in mind.

Puzzle exists to make working on your business more joyful, impactful and collaborative by giving people the power to build and adapt their processes with the big picture in mind.